Saturday, October 09, 2004

Actually getting somewhere

I've made my list, I've checked it twice. I've filed, organized, and sort of prioritized. My list of WIP's of course! I posted it at one of my new favorite websites Rotation Stitchers and now I'm just waiting for some responses.

I've also taken pictures of my WIPs and as soon as I figure out how to use this darn html, I hope to get some links posted.

I think I'm becoming obsessed with organizing! Anyway, below is my list and I hope to get some goals and a rotation going to I can actually finish something here.

Dimensions Hummingbirds- 97%
Sisters - Summer Sampler 80%
Marjolie Bastin - 4 seasons sampler 10%
Dimensions - Birds of spring - 10%
Marjolie Bastin - Birdhouse Artistry - 2%
Marjolie Bastin - Seasonal Bouquets (Spring) - 1%
Anon. Lighthouse Pattern - 15%
Dimensions - God Grant Me (stitching for father for 2 years now) - 15%
Sam Sarah - Fly away home - 70%
Dimensions French Lavender - 15%
Oh how I wanna do's
Sisters - Spring, Autumn and Winter samplers to go with the summer one
Marjolie Bastin - summer, autumn and winter samplers to go with the spring (although, I don't remember what size canvas I used, so I may want to just take spring out and start over)
Bent Creek- Animal Arches
Bent Creek - all 4 seasons of Arches
Bent Creek - Lighthouse sampler
Pegasus - Telegraph Hill Lighthouse


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