Saturday, October 09, 2004

I've got pictures

YEAH!!! I've figured out how to link to pictures. See, over there to the right, WIP's?

I took the pictures with my PDA, so they aren't that good, but it's a start. I also want to find a place to make an album so that all of them can stay grouped together. Any suggestions?

I've also heard that I can host the pictures on my computer (I have Windows Professional and could get a hold of server if I need to). Something about ftp files or something like that. So if anyone out there has a quick answer that is easy to follow. If not I'll start searching the web.
I might just have to start my own webpage too.

I'm still working on a plan for my rotation. I think I've decided that I'd like to focus on the Marjolie Bastin 4 Seasons. Sunday's are going to be put aside for the super secret Christmas present for my mother (sorry can't post until it's gifted, she has the information for my blog). The other days are all for stitching.


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