Thursday, November 17, 2005

Secret Pal Stuff

I have the greatest SP6! I would show you all of the wonderful goodies, but I can't find my USB cord for my camera. I hope she at least got my thank you card (I had to handwrite because of the no internet thing).

Anyway, what I got... NORO!!!! Yes, I got me some Noro Kureyon in colorway 131. Isn't that awesome? I haven't done anything with it yet because I want to make sure that my pics came out. I am thinking another booga is calling my name.

She also got me a great beehive shaped candle that has to be made of real beeswax because it smells like fresh honey. I also got this great handmade soap by Firefly Soap. It's called citrus splash and the smell is to die for! My mom tried to run off with it, but I tackled her, wrestled it from her hands and it is now safely ensconced in my bathroom.

It doesn't end there my friends... she got me a felted bowl kit from Knox Farm Fiber. It included the pattern, handmade knitting needles, a tiny yarn basket ornament, the wool is handspun and... they included a picture of the sheep it came from!! (her name is Georgia, in case you were wondering)

I will find my USB cable today because now that I am fondling everything again, I want to start knitting.


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