Saturday, November 26, 2005


There's not much talking going on in Chez Stacey this weekend. I've got something going on with my throat that makes talking painful. However, there is much craftiness!

First up, the progress on my Airy Scarf from LMKG. You can't really see the colors of the yarn that good in the picture, but they are subtly beautiful.

Next up, felted stars. Much thanks again to Bloomin' Knitiot for helping me get a hold of the starter felting kit and the idea for doing stars. I didn't use a cookie cutter, it's all freehand, but the idea is all hers. I think I'm really going to like exploring needle felting.

Finally, the progress on my multidirectional scarf. I'm loving Noro. I can't wait to get my hands on some Silk Garden or Kochoran to possibly do another clapotis. Thanks again SP!!!

Right now I'm tea dying some muslin to make little sheep ornaments. I'm going to embroider little Christmas sayings on them. One is for my SP that I'm spoiling and the rest... maybe for my tree, maybe for gifts. We'll see!

Hope everyone has a great weekend. I can't stop thinking it's Sunday... but I still have another day! WOOO HOOO!


Blogger Heather said...

Hey, glad you liked the noro and the bowl turned out cute! Also love the scarf and hat! The sheep ornaments sound great!

8:20 PM  

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