Tuesday, October 10, 2006

big day

Tomorrow's the day. I'm heading down to USC to meet with the surgeon. I'm kind of hoping he says "let's do the surgery right away". Let's get this over with. The pain and swelling is going away and the surgery is going to start it all over again.

Cross stitching is going great. Spinning - not so much. It has potential, so I'm going to keep at it. A single treadle would be easier - not so jarring - maybe I'll get a kit to convert it while I'm laid up.

In company news - the onsite office is being great - corporate, not so much. UMMMM hello... even given that you are on the East coast, you still had a report of the injury Thursday morning. Oh...and my raise that was effective Oct 1 - better be what you report as my salary.

I REALLY love my co-workers - great acts of kindness to report later.


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