Saturday, September 09, 2006

State of the WIPs Address

The old. Lady Eleanor is quite like a redheaded step child. I know she's there, I've been ignoring her, and everytime I pull her out for a photo shoot, I feel guilty for neglecting her. The MDK bathmat for my mom is progressing. I make myself do at least a row a week. Can you tell I'm soooo over knitting with cotton right now? The second sock? It is there! Squint your eyes really tight and you can see I cast on and divided the stitches. It's there. Really. On the log cabin - at the top. See?!?

The new. Big blue sqiggle on the log cabin? MDK linen hand towel. I'm not loving it in the dark blue. What? I've only done 3 rows and I'm going to rip? Yes...sometimes you just know it's time. At the top, that's the Claudia handpainted I purchased at the LYS closing sale. I really like working with it. Your eyes do not decieve you. I am knitting lace and enjoying it! Of course, it's all the designer's fault. Great pattern!

To the left of the picture, it's a new purse. I needed a bigger one (more on that later) I've finally cast on for Fibertrends sheep tote and will be using it as a purse. It looks like a normal bag, doesn't it? But it's not! I've taught myself to knit continental. WOW! Does the knitting fly! Of course I haven't tried to purl yet. I've also been sitting in sifting through my stash for the perfect color combo for a second purse. Of course I have no pattern in mind...just yarn. I was thinking maybe doing a color work purse since I have the Knitpicks Pallete sampler.

Anyone else noticing the ummm color trend laid out here? I think I NEED some different colors up in here.

So, the reason I need a new purse. Too much shit! I went to see an endocronologist for my diabetes (supposed to be the best in the area) and
he put me on insulin. I barely have room in my current purses, add an insulin kit and I'm shit outta luck. I bought a new one, but I love my
felted ones. It's kind of creepy injecting yourself, but I'm getting used to

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