Monday, January 10, 2005

Busy busy bee

Thank you for the comments on the stitching corner. I needed something comfortable in my room... away from my mother. I'm not sure if it's the "living with one's parent" syndrome (keep telling myself -she moved in with me) or just having someone around after living alone for so long.
I think it is just having someone around. You can chase visitors out when you want to be alone. You can't chase out someone who lives with you.

The flooding was really bad today. Many of the roads were closed, as were the schools. The "52nd St River" (see the pictures below) ran over it's banks and was up to people's front yards. And yet, people still tried to drive down it. I have a tiny car, so I didn't even attempt to go anywhere.

I did almost finish a cross stitch project today (should finish tonight), took pics for my next round of ebay auctions (vintage and costume jewelry), started the Irish hiking scarf - twice, and I cooked! Pancakes and sausage for breakfast, tuna melt sandwiches for lunch and steak and baked potato for dinner. Both of mine were with a WONDERFUL blue cheese sauce topping that I learned to make many years ago when I waitressed and my mother had sauteed onions and mushrooms on hers.

I'm thinking of making this manicotti dish tomorrow that has ricotta,and sauteed spinach, chicken and crumbled sausage in it. It's really good, but to really get the full effect, you need to make sauce from scratch and I don't have any tomatoes. We'll see if I can get off of my street.

Hope everyone is having better weather than I am. I'M TIRED OF THE RAIN!!!!!!!


Blogger Violet said...

Hello from Nor Cal!! I am tired of the rain too. Your manicotti dish sounds divine! Are you going to post the recipe????

10:32 AM  

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