Friday, January 07, 2005

anyone else hate coming up with witty titles?

I finished the other glove thingy yesterday and ran to Michaels to get some more yarn. I got some to make a purse and for a pillow. Then, as I was flipping through SNB, I saw the striped pda cozy and am going to make that with some of the pillow yarn.

KNITTING REVELATION: after you've made a whole bunch of stitches... you essentially have: FABRIC ... DOH! I was looking at some of the sweaters and things as complete projects and getting intimidated. But they are pieces that just get put together. I CAN DO THIS!!

After having this revelation, I decided to throw something together myself. The purse (pictures will be posted in a second) is just going to be a front, longer back (for a fold over top) and some side and bottom pieces. I have the front done in stockinette and the back is the same until the flip over part, which I'm doing in garter. I'm thinking I'll do the sides and bottom in garter too. I'll just have to rob my quilting stash for some fabric for a lining.

I don't have a LYS - the closest one is about 50 miles away. So on Monday when I am down in the SFV for a JOB INTERVIEW (ha ha ha YES!!!!), I'm going to stop at one just to feel the fiber! I won't have the $$ to buy anything until my ebay auctions end, so I'll go and fondle and probably order something online. I want to make the felted bag in SNB using some spring madras type colors (think pale pinks, yellows, greens)... or maybe I'll see something that just cries to me to use it.

hehehehe... I can do this knitting thing!


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