Tuesday, January 04, 2005

my first frog

Yep, I had to rip the afghan out, to the second row. The holes were supposed to be there... just lined up. Thanks to the wonderful advice from the people over at knitty, I did a swatch and saw where I went wrong. I've only made it back through the dark purple and I can't wait to see the ripple form again.

I WANT TO MAKE A PURSE!!! I've seen so many great purses out there and I want to make one! Yes, I have that fatal disease... startitis. Although, I made myself do a few stitches last night in my "fly away home", I only have to finish a bit of the leaf and I have my first xstitch finish of 2005.

:::: keeping my fingers crossed :::::: I sent my resume off today to a pretty good sounding job. Please, please, please.... I need to find a job. I'm off to do some knitting and watch Cold Mountain.


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