Sunday, January 02, 2005

The Reason I Hate Sundays

It's job hunt day. I search online M-F: Monster, Hotjobs, newspaper websites, etc. But Sundays, I get 3 Local Newspapers - L.A. Times, Daily News and the AV Press.... and I usually end up feeling quite depressed after my Sunday hunt. 3 papers.... and not many job opportunities.

I'm really not being picky either. I'd only have to make $32000/year to be able to drive down into L.A/SFV and only about $12/hour (24000/year) to work up here where I live. I was making quite a bit more in my last job, but I just need enough to live.

The answers I get back: I'm too qualified to be an admin because I was a manager or not enough experience to be an executive admin or office manager because I only did it for a year. Like it's my fault that my employer went bankrupt... I'd still be there getting experience. But hey... I do know how to handle a company going under!

Fiber News:

Did I end up knitting last night? NOPE! I got sucked into the black hole that is called the internet. Before I knew it, it was almost 11 and I was tired. Reading Blogs is a bad thing. I did however curl up with the latest Stoney Creek mag and dream of starting this year's xstitch afghan. I was planning on doing the one from last year, but the hummingbird trellis looks so darn pretty. I want to work on one of my x-stitch projects today to feel like I've accomplished something.

Back to making my list for resume's to fax tomorrow morning, then on to knitting or maybe that cross stitch project calling my from my stash.


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