Saturday, January 01, 2005

a few things I've learned

  1. Knitting is addictive
  2. I HATE increasing! I would much rather work decrease stitches.
  3. I HATE doing projects just to learn. I've been working on this scarf to learn yarn over... OK! I got it already! I ended up binding off and I think I can use it for something. Maybe a wrap for the poor freezing Pokie. Besides, I don't like wide scarves and I just crocheted some. I don't need another scarf right now.
  4. Knitting is addictive.
  5. I want to try all of those fabulous yarns I see on everyone else's blogs. They look scrumptious
  6. I want to start the next project
  7. Did I mention, knitting is addictive?
Next project in the book: Ripple Lap Wrap. Which yes, although it is 9:00 at night I am going to start tonight. Lessons to be learned: slipping a stitch and changing colors. Can you see why I was bored with the scarf? I ran out yesterday in the pouring rain to get the yarn - 6 different colors...WOO HOOO!

I'm going to throw on another pot of coffee and heat up some pork and sauerkraut for dinner (yes at 9:30 p.m. - lunch wasn't until 2 and I need my energy for a night of knitting) and get to work.


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