Wednesday, January 05, 2005

obligatory life posting

I found this blog a little while ago and THIS GUY IS HILARIOUS!!!! Check out his installments titled Pastor Chic where he is going to highlight the dress of different denominations.

Spent the afternoon at a kind of friends house. Let me set this up, I was office manager at a place where they hired a lot of families. I became friends with Meagan (payroll director) and her father Tom (Project Manager) and the mother Eileen. They live up here in the A.V. and were one of the reasons I chose this area to move to (among the other 9 people from 2 families that lived up here.. hey I said they liked to hire families- plus the carpool opportunitues!) Any way, Russ is Meagan's brother and Laurel is his wife.

I don't know them that well, except for when I was hanging out with Meagan and they happened to stop by. Turns out when I moved to this house in August, that they live right around the corner from me. AND they belong to the Church Ward that I should be going to (see my little crisis below).

It was really nice to get out of the house and visit, I didn't realize what a hermit I had become. It was also nice to talk to someone about the whole church/faith/who am I/what am I doing with my life - thing. I thought I had it ALL figured out years ago...hmmm the cockiness of youth. Besides, I was supposed to have a crisis at 30, not almost 2 years later.

Good thing about knitting, it's relaxing and I get to think.


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