Saturday, January 08, 2005


Any one else having problems with blogger today? This is the first time I got the post page all day... and none of the pages are loading.

I stopped at the local thrift shop and got a chair for my bedroom to make a knitty/stitchy corner. It's comfy, but I need to get a better light and some fabric for a slip cover. I'm thinking of moving my desk into the dining room.. which is actually being used for doing crafts. I could have MORE room to spread out. I'll post pics as soon as I get a chance to download.

Thanks Lisa ( ) for the option of a closure. I think I'm going to leave the purse as a flip close.

Also in other news... I'm going to try cabling. I saw Lisa's scarf at her blog - I think it's for the cable along and I decided I'm going to try it... tomorrow!

I had SO MUCH that I wanted to say this morning, and now I forgot because of stupid blogger.


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