Tuesday, January 11, 2005

I was free!!!

Yep, it didn't rain today, the mountains kept the clouds at bay until just this moment. I got out of the house for a little while. YEAH!!!

I ended up at Barnes and Noble and spent the rest of my gift card on what else but a knitting book. It has different designs and the patterns for them.. like different cables and bobbles and such. There are so many books I want! I think the shadow knitting one will be next.

Although, I want to learn socks and actually make a sweater. Can anyone recomend a good book for either? EASY TO READ INSTRUCTIONS are a must!! I'll have to see what is left after the bills next week and hopefully pick up one or two. Of course, yarn would be a good thing too. Doesn't do me any good to have all these great things and no yarn to make them with.

I also SCORED big time on some clothes. This one store was having a 70% off already reduced prices and I got two skirts for church (originally a total of $120... got them for $28) and a nice warm winterish jacket for only $18.

I also picked up a study book to help me with what sunday school is going over this year. They should make those dummy books for the bible... you know... New Testament for Dummies... or how about some Cliff Notes. One of the elders said that's what the chapter headings are for. Hehehe... so I could just read those and get the just of it.

I'm going to post a pic of my first cross stitch fo for the year. YEAH!! I actually started it in 2000 and when you see it, you'll ask... "and it took you 5 years to finish?!?!?" I have startitis... always something new to start or finish or I get bored with it. I have a whole bunch of things near completion that I'm going to try to wrap up in 1Q2005!

OH! I almost forgot... one of the blogs I check out regularly caught on that a few knitters were checking him out and asked jokingly for a black knit hat to match his new Pastor Coat. I was going to quick knit a few for him and to pass on to his congregation and then I thought:

Self: Hey! Why not throw it out there to the blog and RAOK world to see if they might want to chip in.
Self2: Sounds like a good idea.
Self: Maybe someone was wondering what to do with some left over yarn
Self2: Or maybe someone made a slightly wonky hat (like you did last week) and didn't want to frog it.
Self: Hey! Don't make fun of my hat! But how do I organize it?
Self2: Why just ask them to leave a comment if they are interested and email them your address.
Self: Good thinking

So hey, if you want to send a hat, just leave a comment! And ummm please don't laugh, but that was probably the best conversation I've had in about 4 days.


Blogger Lori said...

sure I'm in. Black, huh? I definitely have some extra black yarn around here.

Looks like Norge Thingy is also doing one (judging from her comment on his post). You can email me at loriwu AT gmail DOT com

4:19 PM  

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