Sunday, March 27, 2005

Thank you - thank you

Many, many thanks to Christy, my Haremail buddy for the wonderful package I received! Candy? What candy? I didn't see no candy.

In other news, I spent all weekend "cleaning" the guesthouse. Mucho thanks to Jen for making me think about it and get off of my ass and do something. If I get home tomorrow while it is still light, I will take some pictures to show it off. The carpet is awful - it had been used for a workshop by a previous tenant and it could use a coat of paint, but I'm just renting... why should I put the extra $$ into it? I've got most of my watercolor, paper making supplies and x-stitch mags out there already. I should have most of the stuff moved by the end of the week and I can reclaim my closet and dining room.

Knitting content tomorrow? Maybe.


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