Sunday, March 20, 2005

Interview Duex

Yeah! The knitter who needs no introduction.... yes, I am talking about the washcloth queen herself... has answered my request to be interviewed !!! Now I get to hit her with the reciprocal questions... my guess, she missed that part.. too busy knitting washcloths. HA!

1. When did you start blogging, and why? I first started blogging on Live Journal about 3 years ago... because everyone was doing it. I lost interest and recently (October 04) started blogging again, this time because I wanted to keep track of my WIP's.

2. What was the first item you ever made and kept for yourself. A "rabbit" cozy - yeah... I posted it... you got a problem with that?

3. Did you keep it because you love it or because you made so many knittos that you were embarrassed to give it away? Well, there is a little story behind this project. I was going through a learning to knit book and one of the items was a soda can cozy. My friend Meagan and I were joking around - because she had just gotten the above mentioned rabbit - that she needed a cozy for it. So I knitted her one. She turned around and bought me a rabbit as a joke, so I made a cozy for mine. I actually keep it on the living room bookshelf, standing up, in it's cozy. And before you ask, no, it has never been used. And obviously, I have no children.

4. Do you prefer knitting over cross-stitch or vice versa? I prefer knitting by far. I love to cross stitch, but the knitting process is so wonderful. I've been doing a lot of cross stitch at work because it keeps my mind more occupied whereas knitting is more of a release and I like to look at the pattern and just go.

5. How many UFOs do you have? Knitting 5 - you ever just get tired of nothing but stockinette sometimes? Cross stitch 17 - Yeah, I'm a starter


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