Tuesday, March 08, 2005


Yes, it has been an unbelievable couple of days - weather wise that is. I even had to sleep with my window cracked last night. Of course, my room is on the south side of the house so it's like 90 degrees in here when I get home. I love California!

I found my poor lost sock (YEAH!!!!!) and am going to work on it tomorrow so I can actually have a pair!

I have been chugging along on Clapotis - I've just dropped my first stitch - while I love looking at everyone else's pics, I don't want to have a pic up of every 2 rows I do.

I have finished one cross stitch project and am almost finished with another. I've also discovered that I can pretty much read a book a day at work... yes, a book a day.

I will post pictures sometime this week.

Oh, and I got my first commission check! Yeah!!!


Blogger IndigoMuse said...

Hey Stacey!

You were so sweet to send me a card about my monkey. I have gotten so many compliments on her and she was certainly fun to knit and felt. I can't wait to visit LA again. I'd love to have warm weather most of the year. Hang in there with the job. Keep in mind that most of us would love a job where we could knit all day. Maybe you need to take on a new project or skill to keep you challenged :)


7:37 AM  

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