Sunday, February 20, 2005

Orange you jealous

tba Posted by Hello

I know the ole pda camera doesn't quite catch the color right, but this is a beautiful orange handknit sweater that (close your eyes) I'm going to rip apart. I got all three sweaters above for under $5 at the local thrift shop. They have 50% off on Sundays. WOO HOOO! Yes, I am joining the ranks of rippers. I can't wait to throw together something with all of this.

**added** I forgot... I also got the CUTEST r.a.o.k's to send out. While I'm at work tomorrow, I'm going to get them ready. I was going to do a contest, but NAH! I'll just pick random. First one went out by favorite scent, second was by a certain name and the third was by favorite color. How should I pick this one?


Blogger Deneen said...

I heard that frogging these sweaters can be a bitch--good luck!!

5:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

have fun with it,I keep wanting to go and get some too,maybe when the weather gets better.I cant wait to see it all rolled in a ball!
`earth mother

5:57 AM  

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