Friday, February 11, 2005

blah blah blah

I finshed my second bag from Last Minute. Now to stuff them full with valentines goodies. First sock is still on the needles. I have an order coming in from knitpicks. I'm waiting for a pattern from Trish. Thank you, thank you, thank you, a thousand times!!

Other than that, I haven't been knitting the past 2 days. I've been working on a cross stitch project. Megs and I bought projects the same day about 9 months ago and would have "Bad Girls Stitching Guild" get togethers regularly. I of course got start-itis and moved on to other projects, had Christmas stuff to make and learned knitting. Meagan is in the home stretch of finishing and I, well lets just say it's not a pretty sight.

It's tough.... I have these knitting projects calling me. Actually, they are screaming at me. But I also want to finish some cross stitch things. I have an x-stitch UFO that I started in 1997. I love it, it's huge, it has lots of colors that are really, really close to each other so I work on it a little and put it away for a couple of days. (ok, ok, months) Geeez, you people... don't let me get away with anything.

I sent out some holiday R.A.O.K's. Nothing special, just hoping it brightens someone's day.

Thank you for your kind comments... I was just feeling yucky for a few days. Back to a positive attitude.


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