Thursday, February 03, 2005

Allison ROCKS!!!!!

WOOO HOOOO! Allison rocks!! Posted by Hello

Allison was giving these away and they arrived today! YEAH!!! I tore into the envelope, but was waiting until I brew a cuppa Adagio (chamomile because I finished the peppermint already) and settle in with them. THANK YOU ALLISON!!!!!!!!

As you can see below, I finished the bag from LMNG this morning! Just ignore the crappy photos, I used my Palm Zire instead of my good camera and that thing just doesn't take good indoor pics. It took some awesome ones of the fires this past summer - (yes I was driving and taking pictures , hey at least I don't do my makeup at 65 mph) but get it indoors and under unnatural light and it is crap.

I hear my tea timer beeping... thanks again Allison!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're welcome! Enjoy. And damn the post office is quick.


9:31 PM  

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