Sunday, January 30, 2005

And what did I do with my sock yarn? Posted by Hello

I couldn't face starting a sock yet. I'm still intimidated. It sure does look pretty sitting there next to my knitting chair. I promised myself I would give it a shot tonight. After all, what's the worst that will happen? I'll have to frog... I've done that before.

Not much happening today, some cleaning and getting a lot of vintage jewelry together for Ebay. This is the end of it. YEAH!! or Wahhhhh. I'm not sure. It was nice to get the extra $$, but it was a little bit tedious doing all of those sales. I also sat outside reading today. It was beautiful again. I'll be posting a list of books soon that I want to get give away (all part of the cleaning mode I've been in)

Hope everyone had a nice weekend.


Blogger Allena said...

i just wanted to stop by and say that photo is awesome! i love the way your needles look in that jar! what's at the bottom? it's inspired me to stop hiding my needles....HMM what could i do with them....?
and i wanted to encourage you to start a sock! LOL i've just started knitting a sock and so far it's looking okay....LOL we'll see how it turns out though! just jump in with two (or 4) needles! LOL

1:15 AM  

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