Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Another Beautiful Day

I love So. Cal!! I spent most of the morning (10-2) sitting outside at Starbucks with my friend Meagan and have a red, sun kissed nose to prove it. I tried the new chocolate drink. WHOA! I needed to have a glass of water with it. Way too chocolaty. (did I just say that?)

I am about 1/2 way done with my first sock. Ok, so it is just an ankle sock, and has no heel, but it sure is giving me confidence to work with dpns. I felt like I had 10 thumbs for the first couple of hours, but now it's flying. My next pair will have a heel.

I cast on Clapotis, did 5 rows and ripped, then cast on again, and ripped. I even got on line to make sure I was doing the stitches rigt. For some reason I'm getting honking big loops on the pfb when I finish with the back side. I wonder if it's the yarn or if I'm not making it tight enough. I was thinking of using a smaller needle, but that would require getting another circ (I only have an 8 long enough) and I haven't seen anyone doing it on straight needles.

I spoke to the owner of the one company I've applied to and will meet with him the end of this week. I better get a job or find some way to make money soon. Any ideas?


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