Saturday, February 12, 2005


Sheep bag kit Posted by Hello

Trish is awesome!! Not only did she find me the above pattern and felting kit, AND shipped it to me (talk about above and beyond!!) but she also sent me the most beautiful stitch markers (in my favorite color - yes I am an orange freak) a book mark and a great peace bracelet. Sorry the pictures are so darn blurry, but I'm using my palm until I get a new camera. Now for my yarn from knitpicks to come in. Oh I want to start it now! I got my shopping list in hand (I hope Hancock has size 11 dpns) and will have everything ready for when my yarn gets here.


Blogger um said...

hello fellow orange fan! i see we have something else in common - we live in the same city! well, different states, but still . . . :)

thanks for the sweet raok valentine postcard! i got it today, and boy did it make me smile! it really made a kinda yucky day turn into something a lot sweeter.

thanks, stacey!

6:50 PM  

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