Sunday, February 27, 2005

It's gone!

Waaaaaah! My sock is gone. The second one that I was working on. I can't find it or the size 5 dpns attached to it. I've looked at work, in my car, my house. I have no idea what happened to it.... And it was about 1/2 done. Luckily, I have another ball of the yarn, I'll just have to buy new dpns.

My Denise's came yesterday! WOOO HOOO! I'm going to transfer my clapotis to them tonight (it was getting WAY too heavy) and I'm going to cast on for the sheep bag. (thanks again Trish! )

And thanks to Alison and her wonderful Friday Book Reviews, I ended up getting Knit Socks (see her 2/25 post) and since I lost my other one and since I have some fabulous yarn from knitpicks, I may have to start a new sock.

I spent most of the day weed whacking and WHOA are my allergies letting me know it. It's supposed to start raining again tommorow... what happened to sunny California? Huh!?! Anyone? This one day off a week kind of bites. I hope the owner finds someone to cover next Saturday, because I'd like two days off this weekend. I can't get everything done around the house I need to. At least I can knit and xstitch at work.

Hope everyone had a nice weekend!


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