Thursday, March 10, 2005


Quitting smoking day one.... down the tubes at 1 p.m. I've been prepping for this day for a while. No smoking in the house (since I moved here in August), then in Dec I went into no-smoking in the car. I think work just sent me over the edge.... or maybe it was the wildly stressful day.

Work was, well as usual, boring. By 10:30 ( I start at 10) all 10 spas were wiped out, the floor was vacuumed and I mopped the floor. I spent the day finishing another cross stitch project (easy peasy one), almost finishing my second sock and getting a little bit done on clapotis.

Indigomuse made me think a little. Why is work/boredom driving me bonkers? It's not that I don't appreciate the time to knit and cross stitch and get paid for it. I do! I just have no human interaction at all for 8 hours (2 customers in 3 weeks), no t.v., no radio, I can't leave the store.. and there is no mental challenge to the job. I mean, I was a paralegal, I was an office manager.... now I just twiddle my thumbs all day. I think it's that all I can do is knit, cross stitch or read.

Oh, the stressful part of my day. I had a meeting with a supplier for a little venture I'm looking into.... and now I'm on pins and needles waiting for word.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Stacey - I just emailed you about Operation Haremail.


~ tammy

1:29 PM  

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