Friday, March 25, 2005

To answer some questions....

La asked:

#1. Where IS Quartz Hill? It sounds pretty, but I've never heard of it, and I've lived in So Cal all but 8 of my 40 years.

I live in the Antelope Valley. It's a tiny little town just outside of Lancaster. Yes, I'm a desert rat. Yes, I actually like living out here. And yes, there is quartz in them thar hills... and all over my back yard. It is
I spent my first year here in CA basically in downtown L.A. I was right on the border of Silverlake and Echo Park - think Sunset and Alvarado. I LOVED L.A., but it is awful expensive (unless you have a well to do friend with no ex wives or children that you could introduce me to) and the A.V. is more like where I came from - well, minus green stuff.

#2. How come no CA Knitblogger webring love?

I've seen the itsy bitsy teeny weeney yellow polka dot bikini around and I always think... I should join. Then I get to surfing blogs and forget. Maybe I'll surf on over and join as soon as I'm done.


Blogger La said...

Guess I'd better get my butt over to ring admin and add you , huh? So are there any good LYSes in your area? Jen and I tried to find the one in Santa Clarita and just couldn't.

9:39 AM  

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