Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Poquito the Amazing

In the summer of 2002, this little princess came to live with me. A couple of girls (about 8 years old or so) were pushing a carrage with her in it around the neighborhood, knocking on doors, looking for her owner. They came to my house 3 times. They said their mom wouldn't allow the dog in the house and that she (the mom) was just going to let the dog go.

Of course I said "I'll take her!"

The vet said she was probably between 12 and 14 years old. Her vocal cords were cut and she probably had a stroke or two. We called The Humane Society and the Animal Rescue League. We called the local cops (hey I was from a small town) and put an ad in the paper. No one claimed her.

There was always a joke or two because she never turned right. Always to the left (a side effect of a stroke). She would get sick a lot, but she always pulled through. It was funny to see her running through the tall grass or get stuck under the sprinkler.

She moved cross country with me to L.A. and then again up to the desert. I've always been a big dog kind of gal and really never liked small dogs. This dog wormed her way into my heart.

The point of all of this? Poquito or Pokie for short passed away last night. It was a combo of age, being sick the past couple of days and the heat.

She was a sweet, quiet dog that you rarely knew was around. At least until dinner time. She used to look at you with these HUGE brown eyes and you couldn't help but give her a little something.

I miss her.


Blogger Noeysmommy said...

I'm so sorry to hear about Poquito. Sounds like she was well loved.

8:03 PM  
Anonymous Isela said...

I am sorry. It sounds like a wonderful dog. I am sure she felt loved and appreciated in her last years of life.

9:41 PM  
Blogger Deneen said...

Stacey, you gave her such a wonderful life in her older years. I'm sure it's hard for you. My thoughts are with you.

5:09 AM  
Blogger pleutim said...

So sorry, Stacey. She does indeed sound like she was well loved. I'm glad her last years were so comfortable. Hugs.

5:16 AM  
Anonymous jess said...

I'm so sorry! You gave her a great life in her later years, and that is lovely. *hugs* !

6:07 AM  
Blogger Samantha said...

Aww hon, I'm so sorry for your loss. I agree with everyone else, you gave her such a great life, and I'm sure she loved you for it.


7:06 PM  
Blogger Catherine Kerth said...

i'm so sorry! you are such a caring person to try to find her home, it ended up that you were home:)

10:12 PM  

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