Friday, October 13, 2006

A moment of weakness

Neither the coffee nor the vicogoodness has kicked in yet. This is the hardest part of the day. When it's just me, myself and the floppy paw. No fortifications.

It's funny - I'm gauging my days by how long I can go before I need the magic pills. On average, I can now make it about 10 hours.

WEBS catalog came yesterday and it made me sad - and angry. There are so many great patterns and yarn that I want to fondle.

I want my hand to be ok. I'm hoping the stuff going on is just related to swelling or something....that magically, everything will go back to normal once the surgeon does his magic.

Ok.. off the pity pot!

Go on over to JenLa and give La some good karma for the wedding she's planning. Oh..and I hear there's a step grandchild in her future that will be wearing the family jewels and not thinking with them!

Cindylou recently had a birthday and could use some healing thoughts sent her way.

Go here and check out all the good things this knitter does. Just from reading her blog, it sounds like almost all of her knitting is charity (ok, so maybe that's an exaggeration - she only knits charity 92% of the time). Go on, help her out and give her some time to knit for herself too.

Go wish Dave a happy birthday and buy some of his scrumptious yarn.

more later about teaching an old dog new tricks a.k.a. mom drove (I'm using that term loosely)a stick


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