Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Job interview!

Yeah! Had one today... but it pays $6.75 an hour... that's less than $1000 a month (going with the standard 4.5 weeks and 20% taxes) And, no benefits.

Hey, but I could pay my rent. ... and buy a pack of gum. Water's free... so I could live.

And they expect a lot from the person they are going to hire. Uhhh, I could go to a temp agency and make $12 an hour. Which it looks like I'm going to end up doing soon.

I do have another interview tomorrow morning. I'm hoping against all hopes I get it. It's not what I was making before, but it's better than 6.75/hr... I'll be able to buy toilet paper too!

Back to knitting hats... :)


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