Monday, December 26, 2005

Fibery Goodness

Since Morgan asked:
First up, the box o'color is Knitpicks Palette... the sampler box. I've been saying I want to try some colorwork, so my mom went all out! I knew all the colors were in the sampler, but until you actually see it all sitting in front of you, you really don't realize how many balls there are.

Now, for what to do with all this goodness?!?

Next up, in the upper right corner, we have tons 'o wool-ease. I want to do a sweater...yes, you heard me right. Me... make a sweater. I just didn't want to use expensive yarn for the mess it's bound to be. I was originally planning Eris, but my mom picked out too dark a color for the cables to stand out. She said it was the only color they had enough balls in.
Left to right in the middle of the picture, there is KP Alpaca Cloud in Autumn and Stream. KP Shadow in Sunset and Grape Jelly. Finally, KP Gossamer in Blue Jeans and Caribbean. Of course, mom got all the lace weight yarn I asked for instead of "any of these and Elizabeth 1 pattern". I've got no pattern. One (I think the grape jelly) is going to become Ene's Scarf from Scarf Style. After that? No clue what to do. But I have yarn... lots of yarn.

See that book in the middle? The Bread Bible. If you make bread or ever wanted to but thought it was too hard... GET. THIS. BOOK. Oh yeah! I just started making bread not to long ago and I feel comfortable with most of these recipes. 300 of them. It even has bagels. BAGELS PEOPLE! I haven't had a bagel that wasn't mass produced since I left PA. (ok, that's a little exaggeration.. but at least since I moved to the Antelope Valley. Now lox... good lox - not slices o' salmon - that I haven't had since I left PA) And it doesn't look that hard to make them.

Anyway, Morgan, no Koigu. I wish, but my mom is on a limited budget and so I made my choices less expensive. Stay tuned though... come February, I should have extra money (fellow Californians... two words: registration and smog... due in Dec...yep, sucked my wallet dry) and I have a fiber wish list a mile long!


Blogger itgirl said...

I think the cables might show up. Try a swatch and see.

1:20 PM  
Blogger Life's a Stitch said...

That box is a knitter's dream come true. Have fun,

2:17 AM  

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