Thursday, November 02, 2006


I'm cheating with this post and using a response to an email as most of the meat.

PT was actually pretty cool. I got heat for 10 mins and a hand and arm massage - omg it was WONDERFUL! Then some stretching and moving to see what I could do and a grand finish with some ice. Oh, and he gave me homework - great. Did you know they have a machine that mimics a stick shift? Once I get moving a little I'll get to try it out.

Since inquiring minds want to know:

Have you been in any pain with your elbow?

Lately there hasn't been much pain - unless I move it :) It's not used to that yet. The most annoying thing has been the numbness. My pinky and ring fingers feel fat and pins and needley. The whole forearm feels weird when touched. But, it's to be expected since the ulnar nerve was crushed in the incident and then moved to a new position during surgery.

And if you're still in a cast how do they do PT?

I'm not in a cast anymore. Ten days after surgery it came off and I was left to my own devices. Of course, the bone has been put together with a metal plate and 3 huge screws - I mean huge screws. You could hang pictures with these suckers - so the bone is not coming apart. It's the torn muscle, the missing cartilage, the nerve issue and the non-use for a month.


Blogger margene said... I remember you got the cast off. Thanks for answering the questions. I've always enjoyed going to PT even when it pain, as what they do helps so much with healing and mobility. Good luck and keep up the good work.

5:09 PM  
Anonymous Enjay said...

hey Stacey! My computer died back in July so I'm just getting caught up with the new one. I'm sorry to hear that your elbow is messed up but glad to hear that you're on the path to wellness. I had 2 carpal tunnel surgeries oh, 10 years ago now, the whole numb experience is weird, I agree! Don't push and enjoy the P.T., who knows, you might learn how to drive a stick shift in the process :)

6:30 PM  
Blogger Cyndilou :) said...

Hey - thanks for the check-up. :D PT is cool, and I posted an update if blogger ever actually lets me publish it. :D

Glad your PT is starting well - a good start is always encouraging! ...and yes, the massages are definitely nice when you get them. My current PT hasn't given me one yet - I'm jealous. ;D

8:26 PM  

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