Thursday, January 13, 2005

Unconscious mutterings and stuff

  1. Pistol:: Whipped
  2. Rick:: Springfield
  3. Full circle:: Family circle
  4. I wish:: for a job
  5. Frame:: freeze
  6. Adult:: never
  7. Photography:: black and white
  8. Stew:: simmer
  9. Cheat:: lie
  10. Brad:: nail

The job thing went good today. I have 2 solid leads and have spoken to one today. I left a message for the other. I hope... no I'm praying ... on my knees begging that I get one of these. Or perhaps someone out there has the capital to help open a LYS. We have Michaels and JoAnn. That is it! I've had more conversations in the yarn and embroidery aisles about needing something more out here. I'm telling you, it's 60 miles to the closest shop. Any takers? Huh huh?

What I wouldn't do to go into a store and be able to see and feel these fibers. I'm tired of ordering my overdied floss and fabric for my cross stitch online. And I really would hate to pay $$ for a yarn and never have touched it or seen the actual colors. Something like Noro I would buy, because EVERYONE loves it, but some of the other ones, I'm afraid to just jump in.

On another note, does anyone have an easy sock pattern I can jump in with?


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