Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Too strange to be (or not be) real

I went to a temp agency today and although the lady seemed a little rude, I came out a little wiser. I put my self in her place, listened to what I had to say and broke out in tears. Thankfully I was in my car already.

If I was hiring, I wouldn't hire someone with my CA job history. It just sounds completely outrageous.

1st job, through a temp agency was with an attorney who stopped paying his bill - although he did offer to pay me under the table instead of paying the temp agency. I was there three months.

SO, the agency placed me permanently at one of their largest customers where I became the office manager. (oh how I loved that job) 10 months later... they end up closing the doors and filing for bankruptcy.

I FINALLY get a job about 5 months later which lasts 6 weeks before the owner closes the company.

I find a job again at an autobody shop that was going good (although paid crappy and was mind-numbing) and stayed for 2 months.

I left for this GREAT opportunity that paid amazingly and was there 3 weeks - a company being investigated for bribing government employees and fraudulently billing government credit cards. (the owner is being arrested this week... that's why I didn't go back. I don't want to be there when the fed's come in.)

If I hadn't lived it, I would never believe it. I'm just so frustrated. I keep trying and trying. I've never been fired, I'm a great employee. Want to know how fetching desperate I am? I'm going to apply for waitressing jobs. I haven't done that since I put myself through school (10 years ago). At least they won't close tomorrow.


Blogger Allena said...

that is crazy! i'm sorry for all the horrible things you've gone thru...eek! it's enough to make one say what the heck and start your own buisness so you have all the control LOL..

3:22 AM  

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