Saturday, July 02, 2005

Lazy Sunday

Uhhh, I mean Saturday.

Yeah, I'm going to leave that typo because, well just because it fits. I woke up this morning in a panic because I didn't know what day it was.. .and there was no drinking involved.

Must have snack today: Cheddar Horseradish Cheese spread and crackers. OH YEAH, it rocks! I'm using it as a substitution for dinner.

Must have lunch today: Panera Bread's Bistro Steak Salad... I could eat one every day. Most of their food is FABULOUS. The french toast bagels are great; even better with the honey walnut cream cheese. If you have one near you...GO .... NOW!!!

I also bought 12 skeins of Cotton Ease in black. Why you ask? Because I saw this great cardigan in Family Circle Easy Knitting that I want to make. I wanted blue ice, but they didn't have enough skeins. Black was the only color with enough... so I bought. They're still in my trunk. I didn't think about it until I got home - what happens when I wash the beautiful black cardigan made with lion brand cotton? (AND I'm sure will take me months to make--come on now people..I'm STILL doing clapotis) It's gonna fade. It's gonna fade hard. I know it.

PLEASE.. someone out has to have used black cotton ease... what did it do?

Still haven't re-cast on sock. Still too pissy. But I did start the purse from hell that my mom wants.

Two words: Fancy fur

Do you feel my pain?

I am not a snob I swear. Novelty yarn has it's place. I even like some of them. But for the love of cheese and crackers.... fur and "kernels of color" that I compare to cotton balls on X. They love me, my shirt, my pants, I even found a piece in my bra earlier (I swear I don't know what happened there!) I'm afraid.


Blogger haze said...

Cotton ease hasn't shrunk in my experience. I made the cardi in FCEK in white. But am considering frogging it to make something else. I like it, but I'd like a different pattern better. Maybe the Grace Cardigan from Rowan 27

10:15 PM  

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