Monday, June 27, 2005

WHOA there!

I checked out my blog from work and the nice, sweet pale yellow I had - it wasn't so nice and pale. Of course I had to play around a little and change it. Now it looks just right. Of course it will probably look like crap on my computer at home. I wish that I could do some serious changes to my blog look, but I don't have the knowledge to do so. Don't have the gumption either.

Found a sock pattern! Yeah me! I'm going to cast on today and see how it works. Yes, it's a simple pattern, but since I'm quite new at socks, I don't feel comfortable winging it. I got it from here. I'm going to save crusoe for another day. (another day being when the yarn shop by work actually has some KPPPM in)

:::::::::: sound of screeching brakes ::::::::::::::::::

Phew! close call. I was here typing along... all alone again (because the owner can't seem to get his frat boy a** out of bed and actually be here) when his dad stopped in. Luckily, there is a dead bolt on the back door and I heard it turning and had a chance to minimize.

::::::: back to our regularly scheduled post :::::::::

About the yarn shop, it's a perfectly nice shop, the ladies are very helpful...but, (you knew that was coming) I feel meh about it. They have a lot of novelty yarns and while they have a TON of different yarns by manufacturer, they don't really have much of a selection. Sure they have everything from debbie bliss to nature wool, berroco to SWTC, but where are the color choices? And forget a choice of sock yarn. I have more variety from Michaels. I know, I should just be grateful that I can go to a LYS. But I'm not impressed with this one.

Anyone want to fund a yarn shop? Anyone? Bueller?

**edited to add***
WOW! Everyone's site looks better on this monitor. Even this one! (haha j/k I love Rebecca's blog - while there, check out the masterpiece link) The ole laptop just isn't cutting it anymore. I didn't realize it was so bad.


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