Wednesday, December 28, 2005


Final count of the little sweaters from LMKG: 7
Final count of stockings completed: 1
Total pictures taken of said little sweaters and stockings: 0

Although, I could break into my dad's package and take a picture of his... which is still sitting here... mocking me. Why yes, I did get everything in it. Ready to go in time... ummm... well, ok, so I finished everything up Saturday. But, the last time I talked to him before the holidays, he said it was ok if it didn't get sent in time for Christmas!

About the itsy, bitsy stockings... have you ever turned a heel that small? Did anyone really expect me to do more than 1? I didn't think so. Turning a kajillion tiny heels? While in a rush? I don't love anyone that much. Everyone got sweaters............ or gift cards..... for starbucks. Cause turning that little heel and knitting those tiny sweaters made me realize... outside of work, I probably wouldn't hang with any of my coworkers.

Anyway, Happy Hanukkah!


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