Saturday, July 01, 2006

Saturday Sky

I know I shouldn't join things. I've been a failure at every KAL I tried. ABC along? HA! I think I'm doing just the vowels. So, I'm going to do this without actually joining. Thanks for the great idea Sandy!

Thanks to Isela for the presentation idea and for using "Slide" and getting me addicted.

I started this morning with the thought that I'd do pictures 12 hours apart. It was a good idea in theory. However, it was a hot, cloudless day and the sunset wasn't spectacular. The sky looks pretty much the same. Maybe next Saturday.


Anonymous isela said...

I love the idea of taking the pictures 12 hours apart. I shall try to follow your example-it would be awesome if I could wake up at dawn and take pictures of the sun coming up and then at noon and then sunset...but I am too lazy to do that, lol.

6:03 AM  

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