Friday, January 14, 2005

Yes, I have been knitting

A little here and there. Although the startitis has certainly set in. This is what I currently have on the needles
  • prayer shawl... a big rectangle done in 3x3 ribbing.. quick and easy
  • hat on circs... yes, my first project "in the round" I'm warming up to do a felted purse and just want to practice a little more before I break into the good yarn
  • irish hiking scarf... oh yeah... I can cable
  • pda holder... which I'm thinking of riping out because I want it to go a different direction

I have another purse in the wings. I've decided to do a larger purse in the same style as the one below. I'm using worsted weight yarn this time and I want to do a cable in the middle. I got a book a few days ago with different stitches and patterns in it and am going to pick a cable I like and hopefully figure out how to work it in.

I REALLY have to get pics taken for my ebay auctions... I want to get the rest of the vintage jewelry up before they up the prices. I hate trying to figure out how to break up the jewelry into lots.

With the job interviews and meeting with the Bishop and trying to get information from my old company... I've had a busy couple of days. I did find out we are getting our W2's in time, that they don't know when and if they will have the back pay. I'm not being greedy either... I just want the 4 weeks pay they owe me... they can keep the vacation pay... just pay me what I worked. I did find out I'm in the top 6 to get paid. I stayed until it was the owners, HR Manager and myself. I BETTER BE AT THE TOP TO GET PAID.

Enough ranting... off to read, clean up from dinner and hopefully some knitting.


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