Friday, July 29, 2005

Many thanks!

I wanted to thank Rabbitch, Ms. Rainberry Blue, Jess, and Christine for sharing wheel preferences. I got two recommendations for a Lendrum and one for an Ashford.

Of course I could be a wheel whore and just buy every wheel I look at... if I had a million dollars. Hmmm... here's a thought... forget next months rent, I'll buy two!

I actually have a friend in PA who has offered me both her wheel and her loom. I would just have to figure out how to get it here. No, I don't know what kind of wheel it is... I do remember that it had a HUGE wheel. The loom is an 8 harness - whatever that means.

She's a great woman who used to be my boss and ended up being the best friend that I ever had. She was a hippie and had built a log cabin (2 stories and BEAUTIFUL) and had all types of animals. Then, not only did her asshat husband cheat on her, but LEFT her just after she was in an accident... where an armored car hit her. She was in a wheel chair for months and crutches and a cane for almost a year after she got out of the chair. ANYWAY, she ended up moving and with the injuries she hasn't gotten back in to spinning and weaving. I was thinking of asking my dad if he could pick it up and pay for shipping instead of a Christmas present.

Ok, done with the diarrhea of the mouth.

Have a nice weekend!


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