Wednesday, August 03, 2005

What's been keeping me from knitting?

Why, another fiberlicious pursuit.

Close up of the rose detail:

62 hours in as of today.

I've also been getting my online selling going. I'm now a distributor for Wichelt and I'm getting ready to send some designs off for cross stitch and needlepunch. I'll have a store on e-bay soon and my website for my designs is just about ready to go. I'm also going to give handpainted canvas for needlepoint a try. My LES (local embroidery shop) shopkeeper encouraged me to turn some of my designs into needlepoint too. She's even willing to take some on consignment. I figure that I'll either have a ton of RAOK's to give to needlepointers or I'll get somewhere!

I need about 40 or so designs to take to a trade show. I have about 26. Urgh.

All this while working and looking for an office job... oy vey!

Oh, and my wheel is going to be here Friday... UPS willing.


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