Thursday, December 29, 2005

Non-blurry kittens!!!

Unnamed as of yet. Trying not to get too attached!
Such good Momma Kitty... checking to see if her babies are ok!

This is Tao. Ting Tao Meow (pronounced Mao) to be exact. He is the one kitten I am definately keeping. His dad's name is Scooter, but when I talk baby talk to him, I call him Tooter. When this little one was coming out I kept hollering to my mom that we had a cow. Well, I couldn't call him Cow and although he does look a little gremlin-ish, Gizmo didn't fit, he became Tao. (cow=tao, scooter= tooter) ha ha... anyway
The two officially unnamed kittens looking for a home. (un-officially, I'm calling them Jr. and Boo)


Blogger Isela said...

They are just tooo cute :).

10:14 PM  

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