Friday, May 26, 2006

For La

These aren't that great, but it's a start! The little black girl and the black and white boy. He has a little black smootch on his nose and always has a little bit of wet food left on it. I've just been calling him Boopers for now.

He's a suave little man and already knows how to suck up.

This is Einstein the 5 month old male. He follows me around, comes running when I get home, cuddles with me on the couch and enjoys long moonlit walks on the beach.

He only has 8 lives left since my mom tried to kill him She threw some steak fat away and he got in the trash can and choked on it. It took a lot of shaking and a pair of needle nose, but it finally came out.

Despite all of his cuteness, he has a bit of attitude:

I feed them wet food twice a day. If you go in the kitchen around those times and don't actually feed him, he swats at your ankles.

I thought you'd enjoy the evil cat looks. Honestly, he's going to be the hardest to let go...but I can't keep all the babies. I'll post some pics of the big black boy and hopefully some daytime shots this weekend.


Blogger La said...

ooooh! Both black and white kitties are adorable. I really REALLY like the looks of the younger one. (In my head I call him mouche, like the little black velvet patches the French wore during the Restoration era)

Can't wait to see what your little black boy kitty looks like.

I think I foresee a trip to Lancaster in our near future...

11:23 PM  

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