Saturday, May 27, 2006

Saturday Randomness

Has anyone noticed that the quality of knitting books has increased? I haven't been knitting for long, but I've seen a change. Three out of the last 4 books I purchased have been homeruns! The latest added to my list of must haves? Mason Dixon Knitting . If you don't have it, go buy it. I understand why there is a bandwagon to jump on.

Have you also noticed the decrease in the quality of patterns in knitting magazines? Is it because everyone is writing a book?

I'm wondering if I should renew my Interweave Knits subscription. On the plus side - I'm nowhere near a LYS so I can't pick one up easily or even review the patterns to see if I really want it. On the bad side - I've only received one magazine when I should have. I've consistently had to email customer service asking where my issue is. They have no problem getting the renewal notices to me - just the magazines. After a year, the last issue is the only one that came on time (or at all). It very well could be the post office.

Semi wasted the day today. I drove about an hour each way (yes, in CA you don't have miles...just how long it takes you to get there) to go to the big town of Kramer's Junction. I'm not even sure if it is really a town. It's the intersection of 58 and 395... and really, it is just an intersection. 2 gas stations, a diner and a gift/cactus shop. The highlight was the gift shop. I picked up a bunch o' cacti for my back "yard" and fell in LOVE LOVE LOVE with all the wonderful pots and pottery. The selection of plants (both succulents and cacti) was worth it. I'll be going back... maybe next time I'll keep driving to Barstow and hit it on the way back.

Came home and took a 5 hour nap. YUMMY!

Any one have any idea what's in Barstow? Anything fun to do? Any yarn shops? It's closer than L.A. and really, choosing between Ridgecrest, Tehachipi or Lancaster for going shopping is getting old. (When you start calling Lancaster "the BIG CITY" you know it's bad)

Sometimes I wish I still lived in L.A. (or at least closer) I miss the choices and the excitement. I also miss the pay. Yeah, it's more expensive, I know.

I've been working out almost every day. With relatively no change in diet, I've lost about 10 lbs in 6 weeks. I'm thinking if I cut out my soda addiction I could increase that greatly!

Got a great review at work. My boss loves me and the customer loves me. Please give me a good raise! I'll find out 1 July what that raise will be.

Have I destracted ya'll enough from the fact there is no actual knitting content?

Sent out my Dye-o-rama yarn. I used knitpicks dye your own and I was disappointed. Both skeins I dyed had knots and thin spots. That's why I sent one full skein and one partial. If there had been time to order more and actually dye it, I would have. Big apology to my pal who is going to have to fight with those knots. Sadly, my pal doesn't have a blog so I can't point you in that direction. From her emails she seems really nice.

La, I promise I'll post more pictures soon.


Blogger La said...

Sorry to hear about your knitpicks yarn. I guess I've lucked out and gotten the goodk skanks.

No worries about the pics of the kitties. I forsee a drive to the Mojave in our not-so-distant future. My other kitty is so lonely. I need to get her a pal (not to mention the same pal for me)

4:04 PM  

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