Thursday, September 01, 2005

So here's the deal

Yes Maureen, I do have to wake up that early.

4:15 - alarm goes off and throw it across the room
4:16 - do morning thang
4:18 - let dog out, feed dog, feed cats, try not to step on any animals and step in water dish instead, get fresh water
4:30 - turn on computer, get something to drink, start to check email, remember dog is outside and let her in
4:45 - quick check email, bloglines, etc
5:00 - throw cat out of shower( unless it is a really bad morning), jump in and do... well, what you do in a shower - hopefully... I'm usually still not really awake yet.
5:20 - get dressed, do hair, search for makeup brush that the cat stole, resist the urge to kick said cat, do make up
5:44 - grab lunch, search for keys and leave
5:45 - become a low flying aircraft and boogie to work.

I think that covers it. If I want to stop at starbucks, I have to move everything up 15 minutes or so.

My first 9 hour day went well. I should say it went better. Since I'm a contractor, I have a boss at the company I actually work for and what they call a customer that I work for/with. My real boss and I had a talk, since this was my first time working in this industry, and it was quite helpful. I don't feel so frustrated with some things and I was told to lower my expectations of my customer... she's new in this position, has never managed anyone, and has no clue what's happening. In other words... fly by the seat of my pants, hold on, document-document-document, and if the customer falls flat on her face... I'll have proof it's not my fault.


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