Saturday, October 01, 2005

I'm moving!

This will be the most boring blog for the next month.

Yeah!!! I'll be outta here at the end of the month!! No more slum lord ... and no more long commute. I'll only be about 25 minutes from work, as opposed to over an hour away. The house is much, much larger than the one I'm in, it costs much, much less, and it's in great shape. 2 beds, 2 baths, lr, dr, laundry room - with a washer and dryer, a kitchen - with a fridge that stays, (apparently something that doesn't happen in CA), oh and a bonus room with room for my spinning and my mom's painting.

People who live in So.Cal will understand when I say the only downside is that it is in Cal City. I thought I lived in the boonies now... well I have discovered the edge of nowhere. But, see above for all the grand reasons!

SP, I'll let you know the new addy when it gets closer to the date. Please remind me... I'm already getting scatterbrained about it. Oh and YARD SALE!!!!! I know there is at least one person in the RAOK ring who lives near me. Maybe I'll see what I can destash!

I've been plugging away on branching out and one of my socks. I've been carpooling the past couple of days and in the dark didn't notice that I was going the wrong direction so I had to frog the sock a little bit. No time to knit for the next couple weeks... so that's all you get for now!


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