Monday, September 05, 2005

Aye... more pictures

Some wild sunflowers, they grow like weeds out here. I drive past one of the State Prisons on my way to work and there is a huge field of these between the prison and the road. Bee-u-tee-ful

The pomegranite tree. YUMMY! They'll be ready soon

My honeysuckly vine that I thought would be so nice near the front door... until it climbed the wall and not only covered my house number and outside light. Although, it is beautiful.

My jasmine, on the other side of the front door. My mom painted the picket fence piece for it to grow on.

Front of house... all pretty. Back of house... different story. Can you say slumlord? I've been renting for a year with promises of this being fixed. Obviously, hasn't been. They did put in a new window and back door as you can see in the picture - never painted the wood around it, so it's now damaged - but it's a new window. The inside is in decent condition... as long as you don't have too many things on one circut and don't mind low water pressure. Now that I have a secure job, I'm house hunting.

I still haven't figured out what this is:


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