Monday, February 27, 2006

I got it! I got it!

My Silk Garden came in! Feast your eyes on this!

I also got some Malabrigo for my SP. Now, I've never seen this nor used it, but everyone was raving about it, so I thought I'd get it for her.
OHHHHHHHHHH MY GOSH!!!!!!! It's like BUTTAH! Like a baby's behind! It's almost orgasmic.
I WANT SOME FOR MYSELF!! It's going to be hard to ship this off, but I don't think I can get another order in and here before the end of SP. must. hide. yarn. Some were comparing it to other well known Uraguian (is that a word?) yarns... but NO... it's softer, smoother... I could roll around naked in it. And if it wasn't for my SP, I would. I was rationalizing what I could send in it's place. must. control. self.

**ahem** anyway... I'll be fine


Blogger Isela said...

ohhhh no, you too, it seems like everyone in blogland is tempting me with yarn. I am on a diet! Scout showing off the Socks that Rock club and now you with this yummy yarn...oooh, bad, bad, I feel my walls breaking

10:09 PM  
Blogger Yasser Rahman said...

Hmm, i have no clue what that is or why its so good..but it sounds like something exotic :) Well, atleast you like it and thats all matters :)

12:06 PM  

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