Sunday, February 05, 2006

C is for

Cute cats cuddling... here is Einstein (the black and white) and Tao (the white and black) cuddling with my Katie. Frankie (the black kitten) is hiding behind her.

Cool! The greatest colors and clouds are always abundant in the Mojave. This one is from Friday night and literally stretched across the sky and curved. These are taken facing two opposite directions. When I first walked out and saw it, I thought it was part of a rainbow. Then I got all "conspiracy theory". The cloud stretched between two important places. co-winkydink?

Creative! This is my new desk top. Well new for me anyway. It was just sitting around all sad and unused. I got some secondhand furniture last weekend and threw this into the "re-do" mix. Of course, it's the first thing I finished! My mom and I collaborated. I did the background, the special effects and the lettering, she did the flowers.
Now I can have my dining room table back in the dining room and I have a desk to study at! Of course, the dining table has only been eaten at twice. It's been a sewing table, a desk, a craft table, a mixing station... everything but a place to eat. Maybe because it's one of those build it your self things, the chairs are uncomfortable. I have my eye on an old table at a second hand store. It is BEAUTIFUL!


Blogger Noeysmommy said...

Your new desk top is beautiful! Very CUTE!

12:14 PM  
Blogger Isela said...

The new desk top is really pretty

3:11 PM  

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