Friday, February 03, 2006

Do you ever...

Do you ever hate everything you have on the needles?

Ok, so maybe hate is a strong word. It's all stockinette right now. BORING!! I should have ordered that silk garden...I'd be doing some fun entrelac right now. As it is, I have to wait until later this month.

I'm also completely underwhelmed by Western Civ. I don't know why... but I just can't get into it.

Found a fellow spinner at work. She and her husband actually own a ranch in Montana and they have sheep! BFL... she doesn't have any extra right now, but the next time she shears, she promised me some. She is also friends with someone who owns churro and she's going to try to get me some. I'm giving her some merino/silk roving I have since she's only ever spun plain wool. We might get together and do some dying since she hasn't tried it yet.

I'm gathering my C pictures, but I leave you with my blooming iris.. Yes, in February!


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