Friday, January 20, 2006


Today was the big monthly shopping trip and I decided to head out to Ridgecrest. So, to the normal person, it's not a big town, but after living in the middle of nowhere for 3's the big city!! THEY HAVE A STARBUCKS!! AND A GROCERY STORE - 2 actually!!! No yarn shops, but I took care of that little fix online. I'll admit it... I miss L.A. I was lucky enough to live in Silverlake (now don't get excited... I was on the Echo Park border) right off of Sunset. I miss my laundry guy and the quirky little shops. The Crest Diner, my dog groomer. A quick trip down the 2 and I was at Swain's or Barnes and Noble. Don't even get me started on Whole Foods and Trader Joe's. What I wouldn't do for some Trader Joe's english toffee. Enough kvetching.

I might hit the big time and smoke some of that Silk Garden crack from WEBS. I'm thinking Lady Eleanor. In either reds or blues. I've never ordered from WEBS and I know there is something closer - and a little more expensive - but I'd get it faster. I've also been busy buying little things for my SP. I was thinking I might do it a little different this time. I was spreading the love out evenly for the last two, but I might send one FANTASTIC package and cards or candy or a little teaser (like one skein of yarn) before that.

What's your favorite way to get Secret Pal-ed?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Actually, I was wondering the same thing about you... what would you prefer? I know I just sent you one thing, but I could send the rest in one big package, or in a few smaller ones. What do you think??
Myself, I think i like the smaller packages, but either way is great!
-Your SP

2:34 PM  
Blogger Noeysmommy said...

I like more smaller packages too. I enjoy getting "fun" mail, as opposed to bills, so the more the merrier!!

6:06 PM  

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